Sunday, May 23, 2010

Buddah's Birthday at the Beach

I had this past Friday off of work, as Korea observed Buddah's Birthday on May 21st this year (the 8th day of the 4th month, according to the Lunar calender).

There were many Buddah-centric activities going on in Seoul of course, including a lantern festival and a big parade. My friend Breda chronicles these events beautifully in her editorial-worthy pictures here; check them out.

Though I probably should have been all "culturally aware" and attended the parade, a bunch of my friends and I decided we would rather
a) go see our buddies/former Minlak-dongers Bob and Hoon in nearby beach/airport city Incheon
b) play badminton/drink beer/set off fireworks at nearby Eurwangni Beach:

The Korean Hemingway would have been all over this

c) eat prolific amounts of food: DIY Korean BBQ on Friday night prepared at the pension we stayed at, BBQ-ed clams and shellfish eaten beachside on Saturday at a waterfront restaurant:

Scallops and giant clams and red sauce, oh my. Delicious.

Photo via my dear friend Emily. From the left, counterclockwise: Bob, Hoon, me, Brenden, Charles, Anthony, Peter.

Good times.


  1. Oh, I hope Bob and Hoon are doing well! I miss you guys. :C

  2. did it rain much? we got poured on in busan T T