Sunday, May 30, 2010


In January you might recall I went to GioCat--a coffee shop located in trendy Hongdae, where hordes of felines lounge around and allow patrons to play with/pet/lurve on them. I went with my dear friend/co-worker/fellow cat lover Alex--whom has since gone back to Canada, leaving me seemingly surrounded by dog-lovers here.

Despite the fact that (some) Koreans love to eat dog meat (the ethics of which are discussed in this rather brilliant post from The Korean), they are also rather nuts about pet dogs--especially the tiny, inbred, ankle-bitter types (Chihuahuas, teacup poodles, terriers) that are the perfect height/weight for kicking, in my opinion. Koreans aren't as crazy about cats, whom tend to be thought of as street vermin. Sad.

It's not that I hate all dogs. I just hate dogs I don't know. That, and I just can't understand why anyone would keep an animal that forces you to pick up its own shit. Why can't Koreans get behind cats as enthusiastically? They certainly are better apartment dwellers, for sure. They shit in a neat little box, and don't go crazy when you leave them alone.

Anyways, cats v. dogs aside, I thought it would be diplomatic of me to go check out Bau Haus--one of Hongdae's dog cafes located close-ish to GioCat.


They had all different kinds of breeds

Maybe the most adorable picture ever. This dog had the hots for Ed

This one really liked me, probably because we have similar hair

You could feed them treats/buy their love

Reasons it was not as good as the cat cafe:
1) It stunk
2) One dog bit me (it drew blood) as I was feeding it a treat
3) Another dog jumped up on me and clawed me a bit as I was attempting to give it a treat
4) One definitely drooled all over my shirt
5) Two dogs started humping each other, GROSS
6) I watched two different dogs pee on the floor, EWWW

Bottom line: CATZ RULE, DOGZ DROOL. Literally and figuratively.


  1. Yippy kick forever. But still, great pic of that schnauzer.

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