Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rain's "Love Song": An Analysis

Rain has a new video out--one that deserves my in-depth focus on Rain's ripplin' abs. This symbolism-loaded ode to life/love in these modern timez practically demands my commentary, frame-by-frame. And here it is:

:20-1:50 Clearly, there's some kind of heaven/hell metaphor going on here

All white-clad, au natural, spoon-happy Rain = heaven

All black-clad, guylined, creepy Rain who sings to his lady WHILE SHE'S ON THE PHONE AND CLEARLY DOESN'T WANT TO BE SERENADED = hell

The excessive amount crucifixes Black Rain is sporting throws me off a bit, admittedly

1:55 If heaven = an all white apartment where there's constant cuddling going on

and hell = a foggy onyx stage where everyone is
a) totally ripped
b) wears bedazzled vests/Yankees hats/combat boots
c) dances in sync with microphones

do you even need to ask where I wanna be?

2:42 Even if Black Rain is super hot, he is also a super-creepy sleep serenader

Could I/Would I learn to sleep through his random bursts of song during my afternoon catnaps?

This is getting complex, though: clearly, all-white girl can't hear Black Rain

Would I be clad in all white? Or would Rain and I be trapped in hell together?

2:52 Suddenly, Rain is trapped atop a building somewhere
This new alternative universe must be purgatory, if stage world = hell and apartment world = heaven


3:16 Rain destroys a perfectly good t-shirt
Pretty sure they don't sell t-shirts in purgatory, Rain
Dumbass move on your part, even if you were stressed out

3:20 Now this makes more sense

Shirts are rolled up over the head around the neck
Still get to flex those abs, of course
But no shirts are destroyed in the process


ANNNNNNDDDDDD it's over. I'm pretty sure Black Rain loses; he looks on the verge of tears
though if "losing" means getting to rock out with an awesome gang of his Bedazzled homies whilest shirtless forever in hell, not really sure anything was "lost"

I'll see you in hell, Black Rain^^

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