Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goodbye Mark and Alex Teachers

Today was my first day at work without my dear friends and co-workers Mark and Alex. MAlex are headed to Thailand/Cambodia for a month before they return to their native Toronto, Canada to live/prosper. They have been here for the duration of my contract--without them around, it feels a bit like my Korean training wheels have come off, to say the least. Suddenly, I am now

  • in charge of ordering lunch over the phone at work SPEAKING IN KOREAN, gah(Mark's old duty)

  • sans duet partners for "Say It Ain't So" and "Since U Been Gone" in the noraebong

  • patiently answering questions from the new Irish couple (Patrick/Emma) instead of asking them

  • in possession of a variety of MAlex's inherited household goods (no more instant coffee, HOOAH coffee maker)

amongst other things.

You would think a military brat like myself--someone who's never spent more than six years of their life in one place, consecutively--would be a pro at detaching from people and moving on at this point in my life. Not so. This one was extra hard. All of the teachers at Swaton, foreign and Korean alike, were in tears on Tuesday--Mark and Alex really are some of the best people I've met since I've been here, and it was so sad to see them go. That said

  • I am seriously jealous of their forthcoming adventures in SE Asia/my own wanderlust is now getting a bit out of control (HOOAH CHINA in less than three weeks)

  • I am happy that I now have peeps to go see in Canada/Toronto (apparently America's hat is rather stylish HAR HAR)

  • It's probably good that I'm assuming some responsibility at work; professional development and all of that crap

  • I'm looking forward to getting to know Emma and Patrick Teachers, who seem to be awesome folk already


  1. you are making me CRY!!!
    i miss you!!
    but, i am happy that you have seen the positives in our parting of ways. it's not goodbye, it's see you later - ie, when you come to toronto to bask in canadian glorious-ness. also, our departure means you're in your last 1/4 at swaton. woohoo!

    think of me everytime you drink a cup of that wonderful coffee (or play badminton. don't forget those rackets.)


  2. same same, very sweet post
    thats a sweet pic of us serenading the masses, but what are we looking at??
    maybe im thinking "we need more air snacks"
    alex continues to read the post over and over
    take care and see u soon

  3. that was mark btw.
    you can tell because he makes fun of me.
    but doesn't have a google account to post on his own behalf (so i get to come back and make fun of HIM!)
    bet this makes you miss us less. ha!
    also, i would like to comment on your effective multi-use of "HOOAH" in this post.
    ok, that is all for real.