Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So this past Sunday was White Day, which Alex Teacher covers quite nicely here. Why talk about this stuff when the rest of the blogosphere is so ready/willing to do it for you?

Gotta love Korea, land of Holidays Unabashedly Made Up to Generate Capital. Some of my students gave me candy yesterday, which was nice. My White Day also involved this movie:

Summation: it was a lot of shit blowin' up/John Travolta being really obnoxious. There were also a lot of stereotypical Asian gangsters, and I found myself wondering if any of the Koreans in the audience were as uncomfortable as I was, listening to the obligatory jokes about fortune cookies.

(It's also my sister's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Charlotte)

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  1. i had dominos pizza for white day, and it was awesome.