Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Funny Thing That Happened to Me at Work, Part IX

The weather is FINALLY not freezing outside, meaning I can stand to teach these days whilest not wearing my huge down coat/mukluks/fingerless gloves. My students are taking special notice of my non-outerwear clothing, as if it's just occurring to them that I might own more than one brown, relatively shapeless coat. Today, I sported one of my favorite cardigans sans outerwear--it makes me look a little less marshmallow-shaped than usual.

Cut to Alice, one of my geekiest students. She is rail thin, tall, and has buck teeth/glasses...her favorite thing to do is to "hide" in the corner of the classroom and attempts to "surprise" me by leaping out of the corner and screaming as loudly as she can EVERY SINGLE DAY before I walk into the classroom. She normally is really awkward about speaking/interacting with me, so I was shocked today when I noticed her looking at me kind of funny and pointing at my arms/sweater. I made a face at her and asked "What?" She pointed at my newly non-puffy coat sheathed arms, and said "Teacher! Muscles. Arms. Look at me!" She pointed to her own arm, roughly the diameter of a corn dog, and then said, "Look at you! Powerful, wow!"

She then gave me a sticker of this Pokemon (yes, it's still big over here), whom I dweebly recalled as Machamp from my days of Pokemon Red domination:

I put the sticker on my cheek, and every kid in class clamored to grab their cell phone and take a picture of me at my dweebiest. So my stickered face is probably making its rounds amongst Minlak-dongs' third/fourth grade circuit right now. But who cares? MY STUDENTS THINK I AM CUT LIKE A HIGHLY EVOLVED FIGHTING POKEMON, HELLZ YES

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