Sunday, March 7, 2010


My new camera arrived in the mail this week (courtesy of my Mom, who, as previously outlined, is the best). WOO HOO! Hooray for not paying 400,000 won for a Canon PowerShot over here (imported electronics are super expensive in Korea). This is the first blog post featuring photos from my new camera. I love taking pictures, and am so glad to have a camera again.

I'm coming off of an awesome weekend, the highlight of which was a visit with fellow cat-lover Alex to GioCat Cafe in Hongdae, Seoul.

Hongdae, the entertainment district located near Hongik University, is infamous for it's raucous nightlife/club scene. There are a ton of trendy restaurants, shops, and places like this cafe. So what exactly is a cat cafe, you might ask?

Well, it's a coffee shop--with cats. So many people in Seoul live in small apartments--places that are just too small keep pets comfortably/safely. Cat cafes are for cat freaks like me who want to od on kitty cuteness.

Some of the rules: no carrying the cats, no poking the cats with straws(why would I want to do that?), no food

Some of the most hilarious Konglish I've seen in awhile.

SHEBA! This one looks like my old (dead) cat

This guy was getting fresh with me


Cat pose at the cat cafe

So worth the 8,000 won cover.

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  1. omg!

    it's interesting to see how our experiences are a little similar!!