Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day! WOO HOO. I try not buy too much crap on February 14th, but even my disdain of capitalistic made-up hoildaze won't stop me from eating a delicious Lotte Ghana pie in celebration:

These thing are the bomb, like Moon Pies

I also need to send a shout out (that he will likely never hear) to the Jehovah's Witness in the train station yesterday who gave me an English copy of Awake! magazine. This month, there's an article seemingly written just for me, titled "Why Don't Boys Like Me?" I NOW KNOW WHAT I'M DOING WRONG
Here are some choice excerpts:
"...the way you express your opinion will likely determine if you repel or attract a young man. If you consistently contradict or correct what he says, he may feel you have little respect for him." WHOOPS
"Women have the ability to exert tremendous influence over men. That power can be used for good and bad. If you test out the power you have on every boy you meet, you will likely gain a reputation as a flirt." UMM...
and finally, my favorite
"Your dress and grooming are like loudspeakers that broadcast your inner thoughts and attitudes. Long before you start to talk to a boy, your attire has expressed volumes about you. If your clothing is well arranged and modest, it will send a very positive message. If it is provocative or sloppy, the message will be loud and clear--and negative!" THAT LAST EXCLAMATION POINT SAYS IT ALL

This V-Day also falls upon 설날 (Seollal), the Lunar New Year. Most Koreans traditionally go to see family, where they eat soup with rice cakes for good luck. Traveling about the country is insane--the Dong (my 'hood) has been particularly quiet these past few days, which has been a nice change of pace. Fellow Uijeongbu-er Paul has more thoughtful things to say about Seollal than I do, check it out!

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  1. oh, you and your awake! magazine. awesome tips, nothing more suitable for v-day, really.

    also: strange that 설날 reads seol-nal phonetically, no?