Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Patriarchy All O'er the World

So the subject of this post is an indicator that
a) I'm procrastinating hardcore on my TEFL course
b) It's -6° F outside right now
c) It's also 7:30 am and I can't sleep
d) Infinite Jest, my latest literary endeavor, is kicking my butt
but I've been watching a bunch of k-pop videos this morning. I KNOW, I know, there are better ways to waste my time, and I should really just bury my head in the sand and pretend like this stuff doesn't exist. But I'm just getting some cultural insight, man! Totally not enjoying insanely catchy choruses/ridiculously awesome choreographed dances.

Seriously, though, any enjoyment I was getting from my YouTubing this morning was completely obliterated about 20 seconds into this video from Park Jin Young:

My jaw dropped when I saw this. Completely triggering. Completely gratuitous. Completely infuriating, watching an Asian man standing over a meek, kneeling, Asian woman before shooting her with his magic finger/gun.

And sure, he shoots himself once he's done with her. But as (male) Asian pop stars are wont to do, he rises, two shimmering tears now emblazoned near his eye, into an alternative dance netherworld filled with half-naked hotties touching his writhing body. ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH.

This wouldn't be so annoying if JYP (as he's popularly known here) wasn't one of the most successful K-Pop singers ever (he's been around since the late 90's). He's the CEO of JYP Entertainment, and manages the careers of several wildly popular K-Pop groups. He's actually in the beginning of this Wonder Girls video, supposedly for comedic value. BUT NOT EVEN A POOP JOKE CAN REDEEM YOU IN MY EYES, JYP:

He's also responsible for 2 PM, who sell everything, including Brownies:

They also make music:

Although I guess in a way it's nice to know that Korean media is just as annoyingly male-controlled as media in the U.S., I expect JYP will experience little/no fallout for making such a violent video here, whereas in the U.S. I'm sure he'd be feeling some heat. From someone. I'd hope.


  1. did you see this?

  2. Wow! No, I didn't (not before I wrote this) but what an interesting blog... I'll have to add it to the list.