Sunday, January 31, 2010

Late Breaking News, January edition

  • It was my birthday here on Saturday. Knowing most of my local buddies were going out of town on Saturday/not going to be around Saturday night, I goaded everyone into going out for dinner/cake/drinks/노래방(noraebong)-ing1 on Friday

  • I was shocked by how many people came out! There were maybe 18 or 20 people at dinner. It was awesome! I had no clue I was so popular. Seriously, though, it felt good to know I do, in fact, have friends here.

      I got:

    • A houseplant from Mark/Alex

    • A delicious chocolate cake from Katherine

    • A lovely, expensive-looking scarf from my pals Breda and Song

    • A sweater from my partner teacher, Jenny

    • Super-cool fingerless gloves and the warmest, biggest scarf from my coworkers Ginny, Ashley, Kate, and Michael

    • Amazing, hysterical cards from my friends Emily and Charles

    • A delicious Friday lunch from Irene at a traditional Korean restaurant, who told me "I was going buy you a real gift, but I know you love food and let's go eat." She knows me all too well, this one.

    It was a raucous evening. This text from Michael the next morning pretty much says it all: "i threw up last night and hung over happy birthday madeline". It was a fun night.

  • I got my hair cut off. My co-teacher Ginny made me an appointment at her salon (called 120% Cool, har) with her "very famous" hairdresser. I brought in a picture, and met my new hairstylist, who supposedly spoke little/no English. Whatever--she took one look at this picture:

    and said to me "Ah! A-line, bob style, with gradation."
    It was perfect! It really turned out very similar to the picture (though I promise I haven't become an entitled trust-fund baby/started hanging out with Paris Hilton) I really like having less hair to deal with.

  • No word on my M.I.A. camera, so it's looking like my b-day gift to myself will be a new one...perhaps I'll go with a Samsung this time? Argh...

1 I realize I haven't discussed the 노래방 yet, which is just shameful. Noraebongs are karaoke rooms, and the next logical destination for some post-bar carousing.

You can't go a block in Korea without seeing/hearing people singing in a noraebong.
I personally like to sing Kelly Clarkson, The Cranberries ("Zombie" and "Dreams"), Weezer (particularly "Say It Ain't So," with Mark Teacher), Oasis, and Puff Daddy's "I'll Be Missing You," with my manager, Michael. I sing the Faith Evans chorus, of course, while Michael locks the flow.


  1. ok i wrote you a birthday post. it sort of resembles this ... but you can't cry plagiarism, because it's a dedication to you.

    also, jinny with a J! though, i suppose it doesn't matter if it's in hangul anyway ...


  2. also, sorry for asking you where your camera was. i was drunk.