Monday, December 28, 2009

Late-breaking news

December is almost over, holy crap.

Looking at the 'ole blog, I realize there's some important stuff that has failed to make it into the narrative.

  • My foreign co-worker Brendan's contract ended :( His plan was to stay on another year at Swaton, but decreasing enrollment at our hagwon meant he wasn't offered a new job. Which was/is a major bummer. In addition to being the "gum-baron" of Swaton with his seemingly endless supply of Orbit, Brendan was the office "nice guy"--always coming in early/working late/cracking the occasional super-dry joke. He managed, thankfully, to get another job in the area, so he's still around. Still, it's weird not having six foreign teachers in the house.

    His departure kind of got wrapped up with Christmas, which meant Brendan got a miniature tree as his going-away gift:

    Which I later attempted to eat at Beer Ocean (a popular after-work drinking spot):

    Mark and Alex look a lot more appropriate/adorable:

  • I'm 25% through my TEFL course. I'm hoping to teach English abroad another year--maybe in Korean public schools (I'm looking at EPIK jobs) or possibly through jobs in Taiwan, Thailand, or elsewhere. I feel like I'm learning a lot with my course--I'm writing two 700 word essays a week (on average), which makes me feel all academic and stuff. But more on future plans in the future...
  • My family is here! YAY! Though I'm currently feeling a tad ill/crabby/cold/not like the best hostess, it's nice remembering now exciting and new everything was to me here a little over five months ago. My parents are super-enthusiastic, and I feel like I'm coming off as majorly jaded/a big know-it-all...sorry, Mom/Dad/Charlotte. Christmas isn't really a big deal over here (maybe 25% if the country is Christian, as compared to 60+% in the U.S.), so it's nice to have my family here to make it special. Pictures to come.
  • My Korean co-worker Mina is quitting Swaton, preparing to live abroad in either Australia or Britain for a year. She is an absolute doll, and with be missed a lot :(
  • It's really, really cold here. It snowed two days ago. I hate winter.

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