Monday, November 16, 2009

Funny Thing That Happened to Me at Work, Part IV

I had one class with three fifth/sixth grade girls that I love to death today.

They are all adorable, but are so different...Julia is super polite, a little shy, and very smart: she always gets 100% on her vocab tests. She a bit smaller than your average fifth grader and strains to erase things that are written high up on the board. Which she always does at the end of class (TEACHER'S PET TEACHER'S PET).

Sally is really deadpan and is always trying to sleep/read Japanese comic books in my class. She's smart, too, and has a really hilarious sense of humor...when we were doing an exercise on "I like...because," she wrote "I like galaxy (sic), because they are dark." Awesome.

And then there is Christina, who has some of the best speaking skills of any of my students and is completely willing to make an absolute fool of herself. She often forces me to write things in Hanguel on the board, all of which she ridicules in the nicest way possible. Class frequently dissolves when we get into parroting each other back and forth or making increasingly goofy faces at one another. Which happened today...I made a duck face and retracted my neck as far back as possible, which must have looked pretty damned ridiculous, because Sally and Christina laughed for a full five minutes and requested the same face three time in a row.

"Teacher, you look like Dol Hareubang," said Christina.

"You mean from Jeju!? That bad?" I asked, somewhat incredulous.

"Yes, with crazy eyes," she elaborated, before doing her own particularly slack-jawed and blank looking imitation of the rather absent looking statues that are littered all over Jeju. I am now fearful: surely my students haven't noticed that I am a massive Space Cadet, have they?

Amidst my growing trepidation, Sally added "Yes...teacher is grandfather statue Teacher." Confirming my worst fears, and proving that children can be particularly perceptive, as much as we would like them not to be sometimes...


  1. hahaha! yes duckface! yes, dol harubang ... i can see it. but in a good way, obvs.