Tuesday, December 1, 2009

바보, babo, idiot

So it has come to my attention that my blog title (그것은 아름답다, ah-lum-daph-wuh-yo) is (partially) wrong.

I created this blog before I got here (to Korea: if you haven't figured that out yet, then let me welcome you to the 바보 club). I think I copped the Hanguel from one of those terrible online translators. Then I took the (overly polite, I now know) Romanization from my Berlitz guide (hence the Berlitz accreditation in the subtitle). A thoroughly typical half-assed move on my part.

But now I've been here for while, and I can't cry foreigner anymore in defense of my mutated Korean. I asked my Korean co-teacher extraordinaire, Jenny a.k.a Yeojoo, for an accurate translation of "It's beautiful." Apparently, "아름답다" or, ah-lum-daph-dah, is a perfectly accurate translation of "It's beautiful". So I'm changing the title to reflect my new state of non-바보dom. Or a least, my slight demotion from Queen to Vice-President of Foreign Idiots :)

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