Monday, August 17, 2009

Things I Will Buy With My First Paycheck

1) More towels. I currently have one. Which is not enough.
2) A phone. Actually, I am splurging on a phone today...but I'm considering this a sort of advance post-paycheck purchase for the purpose of my budget.
3) A bedside lamp. Currently, if I want to read in bed I have to keep the overhead lights on, then climb out of bed once I'm ready to go to sleep to turn them off. An unfortunate situation.
4) A pair of new glasses. Here you can get lenses and frames for about $30,000 won ($28.00). AMAZING. Also, my old glasses, I've come to realize, are at least five years old.
5)A gym membership (I think). I have the gym picked out, and it's fairly reasonable in terms of price(about $120,000 for three months, or $100 U.S.). I've really been enjoying running around outside...but it's HOT. Plus I know I've lost a lot of muscle mass already since coming here...I need to start pumping iron again.

My plan is to send one third of each of my paychecks home. I'll keep one third to live off of here, and save the last third for traveling.
I want to go to:
1) Pusan, in South Korea
2) Jeju Island, a tropical, Hawaii-like vacation get away off of the Southern Coast
3) The DMZ
4) Gyeongju, a hot-bed of Korean history on the East coast with temples/pagodas/royal tombs galore
5) China. Beijing and Shanghai are supposed to be crazy cheap from Seoul.
6) Japan. Only an hour away by plane.
7) Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia. INDIA. The Philippines. Nepal. Basically everywhere, which I realize is impossible. So I might be building castles in the sky a, as Thoreau said, I must build the foundations underneath them...


  1. yes! travel dreams! i love the intinerary.

    also, we still don't have a bedside lamp ... or a gym membership. shite.

  2. Hahah I just read until I'm tired and then fall asleep with the lights on.

    Indonesia is amazing. I mean I'm sure all of those places are but speaking from personal experience my trip to Indonesia was the most fun/eye-opening trip I've ever taken. I was in a goddamn parade.