Monday, August 24, 2009

My most embarrasing moment in Korea thus far

Setting: a crowded subway platform, waiting with friends Katherine, Irene and Jenny for a train to arrive.

I am discussing far too loudly with my friends the correct pronunciation of "mee-chen-yong," a Korean explicative generally directly towards women, from what I understand.I say each syllable loudly, slowly, and clearly, with perfect pronunciation (from what Irene tells me, anyways).

At that exact moment, an older Korean lady in a pink shirt/matching pink visor/neon pink lipstick is walking by us. She slows down and stops in front of us, face twisted into a ugly grimace. She stares at me for a full three seconds, looking like some kind of demented clown with her far-too bright lipstick. She says nothing as I continue to blabber away, thinking how strange it is for this woman to be staring.

She finally moves on down the platform, indubitably to join a pack of her old-lady friends and rightly gossip about how classless/clueless foreign girls are.

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  1. LOL. ah, at least it wasn't a commentary on her eye-job...

    how was the lang exchange??