Friday, August 28, 2009

I am not random, but rather miscellaneous

Thank you to

a) My mom, for sending me a monogrammed towel that all of my co-workers oohed and aahhed over. And no, I did not pay duty on the contact lenses.

b) Alison Fenlon, for sending me a letter that was really more like poetry, as cheestastic as that sounds. Ali, you are an amazing writer and it made my week to hear from you.

Here is Ali's letter, a little worse for wear coming from Italy...

c) Bobby Twigg for sending me a thank-you note for the mix CD. It was really sweet and it made me laugh.

d) J.W. Fife, for sending me an update on her life as a (soon-to be) East Coast scenester. You are so cool, Jenn. And you have quite a way with words.

I would say I don't have much to write about, but would be a complete lie. My excuses for lack of a substantial post at this time are as follows:

a)Writer's block, which (these days) I blame on too much alcohol. Pre-existing stupidity + (drinking x 3 what I normally do at home) + sleep deprivation = terrible writing.

b)General despondency and anomie, which have been an issue this week. Which I also blame on hitting the sauce too much.

c) Stress at work. My kids are coming out of the "WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH" honeymoon phase and are starting to become little twerps.

I'm beginning to see how easily you could lose yourself here. Every foreigner has a variety of reasons for coming here: saving money, traveling, a fetish for Asian men/women. But many people come here to escape, in every sense of the word. Which makes for meeting some really odd and entertaining folks.

I find myself wondering: what am I escaping from here?

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