Sunday, July 26, 2009


So here I am, in my apartment. Across the Pacific Ocean from all of ya'll. Isn't it strange how air travel has completely distorted our sense of what distance actually is? I feel like I should have come here on an ocean liner (or better yet, a rowboat) or something to completely appreciate how far away I am from everything I know. I feel like home is just around the corner. Well, maybe not around the corner, because on my current corner here there is a restaurant devoted entirely to duck. But you catch my drift.

There's entirely too much to talk about right now, so I'll show you instead. Here are some pictures of my new Korean pad.

My door is keyless, and automatically locks for me. Awesome, no?

As it's Korean custom to take off your shoes when entering someone's home, a shoe closet is provided.

Here's my kitchen/washer. Notice the terribly convenient dish-drying rack above the sink.

My view. Loves.

My awesome refrigerator that looks like a closet.

This is my bathroom--sans shower curtain, as typical of Korean bathrooms. You spray water everywhere and make a lovely mess of everything.

All my shiz on my desk/my drying rack/my bed.

Also, here's my address.
Swaton Language School for Kids
Samkwang BL. 733-5 Minlak-dong
Uijeoungbu-shi, Kyunggi-do South Korea(480-090)

And also, proof that Korea makes you instantly more attractive.

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  1. Madeline Lee, you astound me! No matter what happens in the classroom, it's inevitable that a lot of learning is going to bloom on both sides of the equation while you're there. Lucky them, lucky you. Hope it's a tremendously good adventure!